The founding team is comprised of leading Israeli cybersecurity experts, who have worked and managed hundreds of cybersecurity projects. As cybersecurity platform providers and as buyers of cybersecurity products on behalf of large enterprises.  

Over the years the founders identified several main gaps. The first is that many SMBs and enterprises are not aware of just how vulnerable they are to cyber-attacks. They also lack security experts who can guide them to security. Once these companies wanted to sell their product, they didn’t comply with the regulation, which caused them to lose business. 

The second is in the complex way that cybersecurity projects are managed, starting with the amount of time it takes to scope security projects, the level of transparency clients’ get during the security operation, the lack of cross-marked standardization of delivery, lack of proper quality assurance, improper adjustment of cybersecurity to agile development, DevOps and transition of organizations to cloud infrastructure.

They have decided to create a synergetic platform that will guide the SMBs and enterprises in their security path. Also, they have chosen to tackle and solve some of the big problems which they saw in the way cybersecurity businesses are operating and managing security operations. 


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Cynergy is comprised of the world's best minds in offensive and defensive security research.


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