3rd Party Risk Evaluation

Cynergy Platform identifies and assesses the risks associated with external systems, applications, and services that interact with their networks and data. As part of this process, Cynergy conducts third-party risk evaluations to assess the security and compliance of external partners and vendors.

This can be done easily by naming the 3rd party vendor’s main domain and by defining its sensitivity to your organization. 

In addition to evaluating the technical aspects of an organization’s risk profile, Cynergy considers non-technical factors such as the organization’s geographic location, business verticals, financial stability, legal compliance, and overall reputation. By considering these and other factors, Cynergy provides a more comprehensive assessment of the 3rd party organization’s risk profile.

Overall, the goal of a third-party risk evaluation is to help organizations identify and mitigate potential risks associated with external partners and vendors and to ensure that they are working with trusted and secure partners who are capable of protecting their data and assets.