Proactively Protect From
Cloud Misconfiguration Abuse Exposed Data Misuse  Ransomware Deployment 3rd Party Risks

Proactively Protect From Cloud
Data Misuse 
3rd Party Risks

Reduce cybersecurity costs with automation
Start fixing efficiently with minimal effort

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Cynergy Platform

Next Generation External Attack Surface and Risk Management (EASM), Continuous Automated Validation, and Automated Remediation (CAVAR)


Get Full Visibility of External Threats

Cynergy’s Next-generation attack surface management has a proactive approach to protecting an organization’s digital assets and infrastructure from external threats. It involves continuous monitoring and analyzing an organization’s attack surface to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. 

By adopting a next-generation attack surface management strategy, Your organization can significantly reduce its risk and protect critical assets and data.


Eliminate False Positives

One of the standout features of Cynergy platform is Continuous Automated Validation and Automated Remediation capabilities (CAVAR). Cynergy enables running active continuous scans to reduce the amount of false positive issues your team needs to deal with.


Prevent The Breach

Once a vulnerability is validated and based on your preferences and configuration Cynergy’s automated remediation capabilities kick in, allowing you to quickly and efficiently fix the issue. This helps your security and DevOps to reduce the risk of a data breach or cyber attack, as vulnerabilities are addressed before they can be exploited.

They like us because

With over 18,000 vulnerabilities identified in 2020 alone, organizations in the public and private sector find it challenging to prioritize limited resources toward remediating the vulnerabilities that are most likely to result in a damaging intrusion

Timely Remediates Vulnerabilities

Continuously maintains an Inventory of assets

Simplifies certifications and due-diligence

Cynergy's Secret Sauce

The platform is optimized for automating the remediation of security issues fast and on a large scale. Making it ideal for large and distributed enterprises and MSSPs

“It was great to see that indeed the misconfiguration was fixed and that was confirmed by the Cynergy remediation validation process that has to double-check and finally closed the ticket. What really amazed our DevOps team was that the entire process took less than a minute and it was “hands-free”, we are now pushing Cynergy to develop and provide us with more automated remediation playbooks cause this is the only way we can start ahead of the curve.”
Saar Ginzburski

CEO – Depoint